William Chan

Singapore-based William Chan founded Spacedge Designs in 1999 and since then, he has created a portfolio of innovative interior architectural designs for private residences as well as commercial projects for the retail and hospitality industries.

William is a firm believer in not doing the conventional, but pushing boundaries to produce unexpected yet practical design concepts that betters the conventional solution. His out-of-the-box responses to design challenges are always defined by their simplicity and inventiveness.

Projects by Spacedge Designs have been featured in local and international architecture and design publications such as Wallpaper, Interior Design, Frame, Hinge, d+a, Interior World and Sleeper. The firm also has a list of heavyweight local and international awards to its name. Locally, this includes the prestigious President’s Design Award in 2012. Some of its international awards include the Best in Show of the Hospitality Design Awards 2018 (New York), the Graphite Pencil in the D&AD Awards 2018 (London), the Gold Prize in the JCD International Design Awards 2017 (Tokyo), and the Best of Best in the ICONIC Awards 2017 (Frankfurt).


驻新加坡设计师曾国栋于1999年创办Spacedge Designs室内设计事务所,自此,他着手开创了一系列私人住宅新颖室内设计项目,并在零售与酒店业亦有商业项目经验。


Spacedge Designs的设计项目亦曾荣登多个本地及国际建筑设计刊物版面,其中包括《Wallpaper》、《Interior Design》、《Frame》、《Hinge》、《d+a》、《Interior World》和《Sleeper》等。以该公司名义承办的设计项目也荣获本地及国际多个重量级奖项。其中包括在新加坡设计业极富威望的总统设计奖年度设计奖2012);国际项目则包括:美国纽约HD酒店设计奖全场大奖(2018)、英国伦敦D&AD石墨铅笔奖(2018)、日本东京JCD国际设计奖决赛金奖(2017)、德国法兰克福ICONIC最佳设计奖(2017)等。