Tan Szue Hann

Ar. Tan Szue Hann, M. Arch, is Managing Director of MINIWIZ, an award-winning global Circular Economy RD&D firm. He leads and runs the Singapore and Southeast Asian markets, and leads global strategy across the Taiwan, Milan, Beijing and Singapore offices.

Szue Hann believes many of the world’s problems can be solved through concerted innovation, and is adept at leading teams and working across multiple disciplines. Szue Hann’s current work is in circular economy R&D and design-and-build, creating architecture, spaces and products through upcycling materials, and understanding client CRM processes through identifying waste disposal patterns. His portfolio includes the award-winning ParkRoyal on Pickering, the SPACE Asia Hub and the O&M HQ with WOHA.

He was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Medal, Board of Architects Prize, and the ICI Gold Medal. He is a Registered Architect, Board Member of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), and Council Member and Chairman, Sustainability, of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). Szue Hann is also an appointed World Cities Summit Young Leader (from 2016), and BCA Built Environment Young Leader (from 2016), both by the Ministry of National Development. Szue Hann is also Adjunct Assistant Professor at Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), lecturing on sustainability and innovation.


建筑师Tan Szue Hann是小智研发(MINIWIZ)的董事经理,这是一家研究、设计和发展循环经济的获奖公司。Szue Hann主导发展新加坡和东南亚市场,并在台湾、米兰、北京和新加坡办公室引导全球策略。

Szue Hann深信许多当代世界问题都可以借着一致性的创新解决,并擅于带领团队跨学科展开工作。他目前的工作专注于循环经济的设计与发展;通过材料升级再造,创造建筑、空间和产品;及通过废料处理了解客户思维。他的获奖作品是与WOHA建筑事务所共事创作的新加坡皮克林宾乐雅酒店、the SPACE亚洲中心及O&M总部。

Szue Hann荣获李光耀奖章、新加坡建筑师委员会奖项及ICI金奖。他在新加坡绿色建筑委员会担任理事,并在新加坡建筑师协会担任可持续发展委员会理事兼主席。自2016年,他也被新加坡国家发展部委任为国际世界城市峰会的年轻领袖和新加坡建设局的年轻领袖。Szue Hann也在新加坡技术和设计大学中,担任建筑和可持续设计学科的兼职助理教授,教导可持续发展和创新。