SIDA 2020, an established interior design award once again brought to the global community by Society of Interior Designers (Singapore).

About Singapore Interior Design Awards (SIDA) Competition 2020

Singapore Interior Design Awards 2020,organised by SIDS, aims to elevate the standards and profiles of interior designers regionally and around the globe and is the only leading interior design awards programme in Singapore to be recognised and endorsed by the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) and the DesignSingapore Council (DSG).

Submission Opening

(GMT+8) 12:00 pm, 21 October 2019 – 23:59 pm, 20 April 2020 (Closed)

(GMT+8) 12:00 pm, 4 May 2020 – 23:59 pm, 15 June 2020 (SIDA Youth Only) (Closed)

Award Finalist Announcement

15 June 2020 (Completed & Concept Category)

30 June 2020 (Youth Category)

Award Presentation

To be advised

Award Categories

Major Categories

1. SIDA COMPLETED: Completed built projects by industry practitioners
2. SIDA CONCEPT: Conceptual un-built projects by industry practitioners
3. SIDA YOUTH: Completed academic projects by students of local (Singapore) Design Institutions



SNName of CategoryCompletedLuminary- Completed*ConceptLuminary- Concept*Youth
1. Residential Design
(a)Floor Area ≤ 50 sqm
(b)Floor Area = 51 – 100 sqm
(c)Floor Area ≥ 100 sqm
(d)Show flats
2. Hospitality Design
(a)Hotel Rooms
(b)Hotel Communal Spaces
3. Retail Design
(a)Mall’s Communal Spaces
(b)Retail Shops
4. Workspace Design
(a)Floor Area ≤ 100 sqm
(b)Floor Area = 101 – 500 sqm
(c)Floor Area ≥ 501 sqm
5. Public Space Design
(a)Civic and Cultural
(b)Institutional and Education
(c)Leisure and Entertainment
6. Exhibition Design
(a)Temporary Exhibits (≤ 6 months)
(b)Permanent Exhibits (≥ 6 months)
(c)Developer Sales Office
7. F&B Design
(a)Food Kiosks / Pop Up
(b)Restaurant Spaces
(c)Café Spaces
(d)Food Centres
8.Best Design Firm of the Year 
9.AkzoNobel ColourFutures Award** 


*Luminary Awards will be awarded to best Singaporean/Singapore PR designer of the category

**Entry must demonstrate the best use of (only) AkzoNobel Dulux products and indicate in the submitted images specifically the product colour code used in the project. Projects of other categories such as Residential, Workplace, Public Spaces, F&B, Hospitality, Retail or Exhibition Design can be submitted under this category as well.

Submission Requirements
1. Completed & Concept projects submitted must be produced within the time period from 1-Jan-2017 to 31-Dec-2019. Youth projects submitted must be produced within the time period from 1-Jan-2017 to 1-Jun-2020.
2. A 200-300 words concept write-up in English.
3. A minimum of 5 images including at least one layout plan in JPG or PDF file formats. All images to be cropped to a minimum of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
4. Total submitted file size should be less than 5 MB.

Judging Criteria

1. Design Impact

The entry must be able to express the positive impact it has created for end users and/or audience of the space.

2. Creativity

The entry must be able to articulate originality of the design merits and how it benefits end users and/or audience of the space.

3. Spatial Usage

The entry must be able to address functional aspects of the design through the use of strategic space planning.

4. Aesthetics

The entry must be able to demonstrate the conception of design and how the final visual outcome is achieved.

Entry Fee

Submission Fee

An entry is considered valid only after submission fee is received


1 Entry$500$350
2 Entries$900$600
3 Entries$1,200$800
4 Entries$1,500$1,000
5 Entries$1,800$1,200
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Non SIDS student member$30 per Entry
SIDS student member$15 per Entry
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Award Titles and Accolades


Winners will be conferred with Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards and Honourable Mention. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners will be presented with a trophy while Honourable Mention winners will be presented with a hard copy certificate on stage.

With the exception of AkzoNobel ColorFuture Award, there will only be one exclusive winner each for Completed and Concept Categories.

Refer to SIDA 2018/19 winning list here.

International Design Awards Recognition Scheme (IDARS)

The inaugural This new award ranking system is part of our association’s efforts to maintain competitiveness within the ID ecosystem. aims to provide accreditation for Both local and international interior designers / firms will be ranked based on the number of awards won from 1-Jan-2019 onwards. This will allow stakeholders to have a credible profile to share with potential consumers who are looking for quality interior designers, however you will need to register as have to be a member of SIDS in order to qualify for this scheme.

Terms & Conditions for Participation

Entrants are required to fulfil the following requisites in order to participate in SIDA 2020:

  • Completed entry submissions and paid all necessary fees
  • Provided documentation and/or any related materials as may be requested by the Judging Committee during any stage of the judging process
  • Permit use of images and information and/or provide the same for promotional efforts across all platforms as deemed necessary by the organiser
  • Allow the entry to be exhibited during the stipulated dates as deemed necessary by the organiser

Disclosure of Information

The Singapore Interior Design Award 2020 advocates the engagement of the general public in a purposeful manner in order to deepen their understanding of good interior design. This involves disseminating relevant information about the entries throughout the entire judging process; as well as featuring the projects on our online database, which will be publically accessible.Unless marked with [ND], the organisers will disclose any and all information provided by the Entrants during their online registration. The organisers, Judging Committee and secretariat are obliged to strictly adhere to the code of confidentiality for non-disclosed information, which will be used in consideration for screening purposes only.

Copyright Information

The copyright for all entries, images and information belong to the respective Entrants and shall only be used by the organisers for promotional and marketing activities of SIDA 2020.

Disclosure of Screening Results

Screening results will be released through the SIDA website, along with the Judging Committee’s rationale for awarding the respective entries. Any requests for the disclosure of individual screening results before the official announcement is made will be denied. The organizer may delay the announcement of the results due to at their own discretion.

Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

(a) Usage of Personal and Corporate Information

The utilisation of both private and corporate information provided by the Entrant shall be limited to what is necessary in order to operate SIDA 2020 awarding system. It is hereby stipulated and agreed upon by and between the organiser and the Entrants that this information has received the consent of Entrants and all concerned parties for this purpose.

(b) Usage of Information of Successful Applications
All Entrants retain full copyright to the information and related materials provided for the entries submitted, of which usage by the organisers shall be limited to the extent necessary for the judging process, screening process and public release for marketing and promotional purposes. It is hereby stipulated and agreed upon by and between the organiser and the Entrants that this information has received the consent of the Entrants and all concerned parties for this purpose. With regard to entries awarded by SIDA 2020, the organiser is hereby granted permission to use the information provided for publication on the website, to the extent necessary for promotional activities of the Award. This shall include reasonable modifications made to the information provided to suit formatting requirements as needed. Please refer to the website of the Intellectual Property of Singapore (IPOS) for more information regarding IP rights.

Declaration of Intellectual Property Rights Indemnity Clause

Entrants covenants and agrees to hold Society of Interior Designers (Singapore) or (SIDS); the organisers, operators, and managers of SIDA 2020 and the respective officers, agents, and employees of each (hereafter collectively referred to as “SIDA 2020 Management “) harmless from any and all claims of liability, damage, intellectual property infringement or expense arising from any injury to or death of any person, including the Entrant’s employees, agents, or contractors or any loss of, damage to, or theft of any property, including the Entrant’s. An omission of Entrant shall include any failure of the Entrant to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement; any rules and regulations of SIDA 2020; and any laws of the Republic of Singapore. Entrants agree to indemnify all members of the SIDA 2020 Management of any and all expenses, attorneys’ fees, and any judgments awarded or settlement amounts agreed to. Entrants also agree that SIDA 2020 Management is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of or to any property of anyone, including the Entrants and its employees, agents or contractors, while in transit.The organiser shall bear no liability concerning any disputes and conflict arising between the Entrants and other third parties in connection with application for or receipt of SIDA 2020.

Disqualification, Revocation and Suspension

SIDA 2020 Management has the right to disqualify and revoke the Award from an entry under consideration and/or awarded entry should the following occur:

  • The entry is deemed socially detrimental due to its functional defectiveness
  • The entry is publicly recognised as having infringed the intellectual property rights of another party
  • The entry has not adhered to the specifications stipulated in the SIDA Competition / Concept 2020 Usage Guidelines without the written consent of the organiser
  • Fees for the entry have not been duly paid (prior to submission of the entry)

Disqualification and revocation will result in a public renouncement of the entry and its subsequent removal from the website and all future collateral and promotional materials.

SIDA 2020 Application for Withdrawal of Entry

Entrants who wish to pull their entries out of SIDA 2020 may do so 1 week before the stipulated submission deadline, i.e. by 13 February 2020 at 23:59 hours (closing date 20 April 2020 at 23:59 hours). Entrants are required to notify the organiser either via email, along with the reason of withdrawal. All Entry Fee(s) paid is(are) non-refundable. Please note that after 20 April 2020 at 23:59 hours, any requests for withdrawal will not be accepted.

Rights of Usage

Only Award Winners are eligible to apply for the usage of SIDA 2020 material for their own use. All representatives associated with the award winners (i.e. sales and marketing agencies, media partners) and other third parties may only apply to use SIDA 2020 materials as the official representatives of the Award Winners and with their explicit consent. In this instance, the Permission for SIDA 2020 Material Usage certificate will be issued directly to the award winners and no further application procedures will be necessary. Consultation with the organiser is advised in cases where:

  • A distributor or sales agent not affiliated with the award winner (or its representatives as described above) wishes to use the SIDA 2020 logo as part of its sales and marketing campaign.
  • A media organisation not affiliated with the award winner (or its representatives as described above) wishes to use the SIDA 2020 logo in a description of an award-winning product.