Sabrina Long

Sabrina is the Dean of School of Art and Design in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

Prior to this deanship, Sabrina led the 3D Design programme for 10 years and developed the areas of 3-Dimensional Design and Spatial Design comprising of Furniture & Spatial, Object & Jewelry, Interior & Exhibition Design and Landscape & Architecture. Under her mentorship, students and alumni have been winning awards at major international competitions – Red Dot Concept Award, Design Quest from USA, IAI Awards in China and locally at Furniture Design Awards. The NAFA’s 3D Design programme has established an enviable reputation of outstanding designers who are also creative entrepreneurs on the global arena.

Sabrina has an impressive professional career, having worked in Hong Kong and Singapore, where she specialised in kitchen systems and furniture design. She was a member of the URA Conservation Review Committee as well as jury in regional and local design competitions such as the Design & Technology Awards for MOE schools.

Sabrina Long


在担任院长之前,Sabrina带领三维设计课程长达10年,并推动三维设计和空间设计专业的发展,其中包括家具与空间、珠宝与产品、室内设计、展览、景观和建筑设计。在她的指导下,学院的学生荣获不少国际大奖,包括红点概念大奖、美国Design Quest大奖、中国IAI奖以及新加坡的家具设计大奖。学院的三维设计课程也令不少国际杰出设计师和创意界企业家称羡。