Kazuma Yamao

Kazuma is a prominent architect based in Tokyo. After years of experience at one of the most renowned architectural offices, CAt, an office well known for their avant-garde architecture for educational buildings, he embarked on his own to establish his firm later in 2013.

Throughout his career, he established and maintained strong connections with people in the discipline in countries across Asia and the Middle East. His ties beyond borders not only helped him widen the scope of his work, but also served as the main trigger behind his approach to design and his value of “cultural sensitivity”.

Going beyond the conservative culture of Japan and fueled by its rich cultural background, he seized the opportunity to diversify by joining forces with two Dubai-based architects in 2018.

The joint-company now goes by the name “waiwai”, a Japanese idiom for “the sound of excitement.”

It is an international architecture, landscape, and urban design office based in Tokyo and Dubai. waiwai’s array of cultural backgrounds communicate with one another through the process of architecture itself, using a clear, simple, and deliberate approach.

山雄 和真