Hendra Sutedjo

Hendra is the Founder and Regional Managing Director of Orb Associates with the head office base in Singapore and Regional offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

He has assembled a multi-disciplinary award-winning design team with strong design and planning expertise for many project challenges. Having accumulated over 30 years of experience in the industry, he has developed a good long-term strategic alliance with his clients and vendors. In addition to their own offices, he has form associated practices throughout Asia Pacific that would provide access to over 80 professionals and their combined expertise and knowledge to provide a global reach. He believes in creating effective design solutions that maximize clients’ value. “Good Design is Good Business”

Hendra has progressed and overseen major commercial and hospitality interior projects located in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Projects he has successfully completed include Dell Global Offices, Prudential Asia Offices and Harvey Norman Retail stores in Singapore & Malaysia. Hendra specializes in design, documentation, client management, construction and project management. He is also active in the local design industry and act as one of the Honorary Advisor to the Society of Interior designers Singapore (SIDS) to promote and elevate the professionalism of Interior Design in Singapore.


郑锐是Orb Associates设计公司的创办人和区域董事经理,他以新加坡为总部,在马来西亚、印尼、缅甸和越南设立分行。

他建立起一支具备跨学科能力的的获奖团队,具备专业设计和规划能力,能应对多重设计挑战。他在业内累积了超过30年的经验,并与客户及供应商建立长期关系和战略联盟。除了自家公司,他在亚太区域建立联营关系,结合广泛专业与知识,为客户提供超过80个专家的联系。他深信的理念是好设计就是好生意” ——创造优良的设计解决方案,为客户带来最大化价值。